Gotham City Esq.

"Covering the Power of Genius"

Gotham City Esq. is fast emerging as the preeminent go-to resource for legal insights behind popular news stories.  It is where today’s headlines and controversies are discussed and analyzed through the lens of the law.

By “Covering the Power of Genius” Gotham City Esq. attracts a diverse following of readers from artists to attorneys, from models to musicians, and from law students to Big Law partners and C-Suite residents.  We share insights that spark online debates about real issues facing real people ripped straight from the headlines.

GCE translates the headlines into understandable legal analysis. We answer some of the legal questions many think about when reading a news story.  As a source for reliable, factual insights and entertainment, GCE is entertaining, helpful and it feeds our entertainment-craved obsessions and nourishes our intellect simultaneously – Go figure! It’s enlightening, thought-provoking but most of all fills a niche in the marketplace, helping the world become less opinionated and more informed.